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Why Choose a FEIYING Gaming Headset Over Others?

Why Choose a FEIYING Gaming Headset Over Others?

“Gaming can be much better with headsets. It provides clear, vivid directional, louder sound. When you are playing a competitive game and want to win and achieve a target, you must not compromise. “

A headset can take your gameplay to another level. Headsets are both good for single-player and multi-player games. Although multi-player games require more focus and attention, you have to keep an eye on every second and a single voice from inside the game can impact, which can only be possible if you choose the right accessories.

Your gaming experience can become incredibly awesome if you have the right headset. FEIYING Gaming Headset is a multi-compatible device, with adjustable noise cancelling feature is the highlight of this headset.

The FEIYING Gaming Headset is ergonomically designed with high base audio for a wonderful gaming experience.  FEIYING headset highlighted the atmosphere with its LED light feature. The headset is made up of a high-quality notch.

If you want to buy a gaming headset that can go for your different devices FEIYING Gaming Headset will be a satisfactory choice.

Incredible Features of FEIYING Gaming Headset

1. Comfortable Design for Long Time Gaming 

This gaming headset is designed with a cool stream design. FEIYING headset comes with high-quality suitable ear pads; the earpads do not completely press your ear. The ear pads have an easily detachable head beam.

FEIYING headset weights 250g, making it a good choice for daily wearing. It is specially designed for different head shapes. FEIYING Gaming Headset will not make you feel pain after a long use time.

Its design is attractive for gamers and enhances their gaming experience. Its lightweight will not cause any harm for gamers on long gaming days.

2. Multi-Device Compatibility

If you want to buy a gaming headset that can match with multi-devices FEIYING headset is one. FEIYING gaming device is universally compatible with different devices. Does not it sound great?

FEIYING can go with your PS4, PS5, PC, Mac, and mobile phone. It can support Xbox one but need an adapter for connectivity with an old version of the Xbox one controller. You will be needed a Microsoft adapter for it.

3. Gaming Experience

The first thing about the gaming experience is stereo and clear sound system. FEIYING headset provides immersive stereo of the microphone with 7.1 sound, with 50mm neodymium magnet driver, it gives clear field sound.

The deep, heavy bass gives the sound of gunfire’s footsteps from different directions of the gaming field in the games like Fortnight, PUBG and more.

This headset determines exact audio grant perfect game environment. FEIYING headset can bring mesmerizing gaming experience.

4. Noise-Cancelling Microphone 

A 360-noise reducing mic, FEIYING headset has an omnidirectional rotatable microphone. The sensitive microphone can reduce noise around you to a low level for better sound and communication. The cable is designed with a rotatory volume button and mute switch. It is easy to control the volume and microphone switches.

The microphone can easily turn at the right position anytime. The headset maintains clear communication during overall game time.

5. Audio Control Feature 

FEIYING headset provides in-line control of audio. The rotatory wheel for volume control and key microphone mute makes sure for long twinning and allows access to control the volume and mic muting. Because of its fast switching between volume control and microphone, the cool design headset is effortless in use for long-lasting- durability.

Pros and Cons of FEIYING Gaming Headset


  • Light-weighted for a long-term gaming session
  • Compatible for many platforms
  • Realistic sound experience


  • A separate adapter is required for the first-generation controller (if you have an old version Xbox)
  • Average frequency range

Tips for Using Headset Safely

When discussing the headsets and gaming experience, there are some precautions and tips to use a headset safely.

  • Low Volume 

Make sure your volume is basic, not extra high. Experts recommend setting the volume at 60%. If others around you can hear sound from headsets, it’s quite high and can damage your hearing.

  • Noise-Cancelling Headsets 

The headsets that reduce background noise are good to go; as we talked about above, the FEIYING headset is noise cancelling. This feature has active noise reduction technology, limiting the outside noise by signals that reduce the outside sounds. By this, you set your volume to a normal level, which is better for your hearing.

  • Take Some Precautions 

The gamer may love the long gaming sessions, but it is important to take a break to prevent hearing problems and loss. You should set a limit and take breaks after 5 minutes after 30 minutes of use and a 10-minute break after 1-hour use.  The constant use of headsets can result in high chances of hearing loss.

Is a headset good for gaming?

Gaming with the headset is a much better option. It improves not just your game atmosphere but also impact your inside game.

A good quality headset with an awesome sound system can make you feel inside the game. FEIYING headset is an ideal option.

You can enjoy the real fun of the game with it. It is much better than ordinary headsets. The benefits this product have can enable disturbance from the outside world.

Did this product provide quality sales-Services?

Every product of FEIYING undergoes strict checking and inspection before delivery. Customer service has importance, FEIYING headsets come with high quality. The professional and technical team is connected to their customer and replies to their queries quickly.

What is the noise-canceling rating of a FEIYING Gaming Headset?

The FEIYING Gaming Headset gives a noise-canceling rating of up to 22.


The experience you can have after using a FEIYING headset is rare. The heavy bass and stereo sound fulfil your needs for professional gaming. The noise reduction feature makes sure you do not miss a single detail during the game.

FEIYING style and design are a cool, stylish headset but a durable adjustment and super comfortable protein ear pads, reducing pain and heat sweat.

The FEIYING headset has more benefits and features than other headphones, making you consider it for your gaming experience.

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7 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets 2021

We Like
SteelSeries Arctis 7
+ Arctis Sound
+ Bidirectional Microphone
+ Superior Noise-Cancellation
- Not Work Wirelessly With Xbox
Logitech G533 Wireless Gaming Headset
+ Price
+ Lightweight
+ 3D Positional Audio
- 15 Hours Battery Life
Turtle Beach Stealth 600
+ Suits Glasses Users
+ Mic Monitoring Feature
+ Superhuman Hearing Feature
- 15 Hours Battery Life
Corsair Void RGB Elite Wireless Premium Gaming Headset
+ Durable Construction
+ Flip-Up Mute Function
+ Dynamic RGB Lighting
- Not Work Wirelessly With Xbox
HyperX Cloud Flight
+ Compatible with PC and PS4
+ 30-Hour Battery life
+ Qi Wireless Charging Gaming Headset
- Not Work Wirelessly With Xbox
Corsair HS70 Pro Wireless Gaming Headset
+ 7.1 Surround Sound
+ Comfort and Durability
+ 50mm Audio Drivers
- Not Work with a Phone Via Bluetooth
PlayStation PULSE 3D Wireless Headset
+ Easy-Access Controls
+ Easily Connect to PS5 or PS4
+ Dual Noise-Cancelling Microphones
- Internet and Account for PlayStation Network Required